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Air Blender®   

Freeze-Stat Trips & Frozen Coils are much more than a nuisance. They cost building owners significant time and money. The Air Blender® static mixer is the most effective solution to these issues.

The patented Series IV Air Blender® static mixer provides higher levels of mixing in half the distance and at a lower pressure drop than any other air mixer on the market. In addition, unlike competitive products, the Air Blender mixer is the only mixing device on the market that provides predictable levels of mixing and pressure loss with each product offered. Therefore, when applying our product, the designer can be assured it will operate as expected.
Applications (When is it used):
  • Eliminates air stratification
  • Reduces or eliminates freeze-stat trips and frozen coils
  • Increases accuracy of temperature control systems; minimizes sensor errors
  • Mixes outside ventilation air into supply air stream to satisfy IAQ requirements
  • Allows for greater utilization of economizer operation
  • Provides uniform velocity profile for even filterloading and enhance coil performance
Features & Benefits:
  • Provides maximum mixing in shortest possible distance
  • Requires minimal energy (typical application is between 0.10 - 0.20" w.g.)
  • Provides predictable mixing for every mixer size due to geometric, dynamic, and kinematic similarity
  • Provides reliable pressure drop rating which includes the effect of mixer to plenum area ratio (i.e. orifice effect)
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